Life Members & Awards

Life Members

Reg BoydJames MurdochHeather Haney 2013
Joyce CoplandPatricia MurdochLen Haney 2013
Bruce WrightDiane Blackwood 2002Brigitte Maglen 2013
Michelle FordJane Mitchell 2002Ben Geard 2014
Brian FordMick McNeill 2007Sam Fenton 2015

These Swimmers have been recognised for their continuous service to the Club over a period of 10 Years. The Traralgon Swimming Club Values the contribution of its senior swimmers and thanks them for their leadership and example.Service Award Winners

SwimmerYear Awarded
Fiona Mitchell2004
Tim Blackwood2004
Courtney Ford2005
Abbie Stockdale2005
Brenton Ford2006
Ben Smits2006
Caitie Mitchell2006
Andrew O'Connor2006
Ben Geard2008
Peta Whitby2008
Dale Mitchell2008
Jeremy Saunders2008
Kristie Smith2009
Charley Askew2010
Sarah Berryman2010
Cameron Juha2013
Zoe Trembath2013
Kirsten Lieshout2013
Alice Lieshout2013
Matt Norwood2013
Jessica Norwood2014
Stephanie Spehar2015
Georgia Collings2015
Erin Roberts2015
Sam Roberts2015
Maggie O'Keefe2015
Brayden Haney2015
Sven Erikkson2016
Bridie O'Keefe2016
Matthew Jennings2016
Taylah DaRos2016
Caiden Gill2016
Jasmine Doultree2016

Guidelines for Life Membership

Outstanding Contribution to the Club Trophy

These members have provided services in a variety of areas – often Committee members who are acknowledged for their efforts over time.

Year AwardedClub Member
1990/91Pat Murdoch
Club Secretary
1991/92Pat Murdoch
Club Secretary
1992/93Michelle Ford
1993/94Diane Blackwood
Committee Member
1994/95Robyn Cogan
1995/96Jane Mitchell
Committee Member
1996/96Jill Froud
1997/98Bruce Wright
Committee Member
1998/99Gwenda Rode
1999/00Brian Ford
2000/01Ruth McNeill
2001/02Mandy Smits
Committee Member
2002/03Peter Hopley/Adrian Ikin
Committee Members
2003/04Adrian Ikin
Committee Member
2004/05John O'Connor
2005/06Nola Hayes
Club Support
2006/07Brigitte Maglen
Committee Member
2007/08Jean Coughlan
Club Recorder
2008/09David Meyer
Committee Member
2009/10Len and Heather Haney
Club Support/Committee Members
2010/11Veronica Roberts
Club Masseur/Committee Member
2011/12Karen Tsebelis
Club Vice President
2012/13Ben Geard
2014 Renamed: Bruce Cain Outstanding Contribution Trophy
2013/14Michael Mihaly
Committee Member
2014/15Karen O'Keefe
Committee Member
2015/16Renee Cargill
2016/17Robyn Mihaly