How to Register

The Traralgon Swimming Club is an Amateur Swimming Club with members aged 5 years to 55+ years. The club provides training sessions for members with an aim of improving swimming stroke technique, and fitness for the purpose of competitive swimming.

Swimmers interested in trying out for the team should contact President Jane Mitchell on Mob. 0419107366 for information. Juniors wishing to try out should be able to swim 25m of freestyle with correct breathing and 25m of backstroke.

On joining the Traralgon Swimming Club you will be assessed by one of the Coaches to determine what training group best suits your needs. Each training group has different training times and locations. Please call Senior Head Coach Brian Ford (0419584145) or Club President Jane Mitchell (0419107366) anytime with questions.

  • Junior Development Squad
  • Gippy Squad
  • Dolphin Target Squad
  • Competition Squad
  • Roberts Squad
  • Target 1 Squad
  • Target 2 Squad

Registration for 2016/17 is due and payable from 1 July 2016. You must be registered to compete at any swim meets.  

Competitive Swimmer aged 9 years & Over TBA
Non-Competitive Member (parents) TBA
Junior Dolphin (7 years and under) TBA
8 years old Competitive Swimmer TBA
Qualified Official TBA
Country Champs Swimmer 18 year & Over TBA

Renewing members

• All 2015/16 Traralgon members should have received an email asking them to re-join as a member. You will need to follow the link in this email in order to renew your membership for the 2016/17 season.

• This is the only way in which you can renew your membership yourself, so please use the link provided.

• If you do not receive an email it may mean that your details are incorrect in ClubLane.

• If this is the case, you will need to call Fiona Storm on 0411031257 or email on so that we can renew your membership manually.

• You will be required to pay for your membership via credit card at the time of renewal and we will be able to update your membership details at that time.

• Once renewed, members should be able to enter meets online

New Members

• You can join online as a new member at

• Click on the ‘Join Now’ tab on the right hand side of the home page, choose Traralgon Swimming Club as your club and then follow the directions.

• Your membership will need to be approved by Traralgon Swimming Club before you are able to enter meets online.

• This generally occurs within 24 hours Monday-Friday

Please note the following:

1. Any lapsed member (someone who has previously been registered but not in the last 12 months) will need to contact Fiona so she can reinstate them. Their membership will have to be paid manually.

2. Anyone who transferred from another club (even non-swimmers) will need to contact Fiona so she can put in for their ‘profile’ to be transferred. Once transferred she will contact you as you will have to pay manually.

3. Anyone wanting to join as a non-swimmer can join by going to Swimming Victoria’s home page and selecting the join now link. You will be able to pay for your membership yourself.

At the 2016 AGM our club adopted a new By-Law which requires all swimmers aged 15 years and under to have an adult member registered with them.  Please ensure that if you register your child, that you also register as a non-member or, if applicable, as an official.

Swimming and Training

The Traralgon Swimming Club is a Competitive Swimming Club. Through membership with the club swimmers can enjoy the excitement, team spirit and fulfilment of improving, of trying their hardest, and competing as a member of the club.

At this point we do not have a squad who simply train but do not compete – all of our swimmers are either competing or are working up to competition. New swimmers are encouraged to ‘have a go’ especially at the indoor meets and meets designed for younger swimmers for example: Traralgon’s 11 & Under.

There are several indoor swim meets at the beginning of the season held in 25m pools which are ideal for beginners. We urge parents of new members to become familiar with the Fixture Guide and choose swim meets to attend.

Our Club competitive focus allows swimmers to develop to their greatest potential. As the Squad names imply, our swimmers are always working towards the next level of achievement. From the beginning level of training where competing in the local championships is the target, all of the way to aspiring to representing Australia, the Traralgon Swimming Club provides the coaching, programs, and support which will allow swimmers to achieve their goals.

Visiting the News page is a great way to get an idea of the breadth of competition which our swimmers enjoy.

In addition to competition, swimmers are offered several clinics and camps throughout the season.


Swimmers pay an annual registration which covers membership and insurance through Swimming Victoria. Training fees are paid quarterly. In addition, swimmers pay pool entry. Fee schedules can be found in the members section.