” Jeremy Meyer” Breaststroke Squad



Coach: Brian Ford


Breaststroke is a unique stroke which either comes naturally to swimmers or is developed over a period of time. Technique is vital, particularly for those swimmers who show a natural affinity for the stroke or have a real passion to master it. The Coaching Panel will select a number of swimmers to work with our Senior Head Coach to enhance technique and hopefully progress to one of the Club’s long list of outstanding breaststroke competitors in the vein of the swimmer whom the squad is named after – Jeremy Meyer – our first Australian Open medallist.  Jeremy commenced with Traralgon as a 13 year old from Sale. Already a State medallist he progressed each year from 14 to 18 years of age winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals at National Age level. As an open breaststroker he swam with the AIS making Australian teams and also winning gold most notably in the 200 Breast Australian Short Course titles. Jeremy came through the ranks at Traralgon, and is the ideal role model for his name to be associated with the Breaststroke squad.


Swimmers nominated by the Coaching Panel.